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Boundary issues & Boundary Disputes

Boundary Surveys

Boundary Surveys are most commonly used to determine the legal ownership of a specified plot of land and often form part of a legal document (Land Registry) or lease agreement.
Boundary Issues | Boundary Disputes | Boundary Surveys | Boundary Mapping

Boundary Problems or Questions?

Boundary disputes arise when there is uncertainty surrounding who owns areas of land between two properties. Sometimes disagreements are easy to resolve, however, it is often difficult to find legal documents that accurately show where the precise boundary of a plot of land lies.

The boundary lines shown on maps held by the Land Registry often only show an approximate location of the boundary lines and are usually not precise enough to resolve any Boundary Dispute. Certain marks on a boundary diagram indicate which side is responsible for the boundary structure, but unless they are referred to in the deeds submitted for land registration, they will not be included on the boundary map.

Using both traditional and modern methods of land surveying including tapes, ranging poles, laser measures and total station I can produce an accurate drawing of the boundary/site in question and then relate this to Ordnance Survey mapping data for Solicitor submission to Land Registry.

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